Artists Katie Anne Lake & Stuart Lake Comic Con Collection

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Wigan Cosplay and Collectables Show - 4th June 2016

A smaller version of the Famous Wigan Summer Comic Con taking place this year but set to focus so much more on the Cosplay that it could prove to be much more enjoyable than last year. We will be there with the usual stock plus a whole new range of Hand Painted Converse so for all these that are planning to come – BRING LOTS OF CASH :)

UniCon - 5th March 2016 - Moved to 15th May 2016 (due to weather)

Another of Steven Howards events – (NanoCon) and after such great previous events, we are happy to give his other events a try. Set in Derbyshire, UniCon is another comic con created for the locals of the area, and we are always happy to support the rising comic cons and spread the joy that is, Comic Con..

Yorkshire Cosplay Con - 11th + 12th June 2016

Our first two day event- Yorkshire Comic Con. Furthest distance we’ve agreed to travel so far but from the promotions witnessed - this looks very promising and has been publicised greatly - Possibly the best advertised comic con we’ve witnessed.

Bolton Comic Con - 15th February 2016

A new year and a new set of Comic Cons - kicking off with the infamous Bolton, hosted by the same group that run the Wigan Comic Con, which has never been disappointing, so hopefully this will go well too.

Bolton Comic Con - Aftermath

Bolton Comic Con was very successful and our top Converse (Batman Vs Superman) were sold.

Wigan Winter Comic Con - 5th December 2015

SuperBoo will be at this year’s Wigan Comic Con, shoes will be displayed, work will be displayed, with of course, some of their work from the Relational Transition into Darkness project.

Wigan Winter Comic Con - Aftermath

Once again Wigan pulled of an amazing Comic Con. And one luckily baby managed to persuade their parents to buy the children’s Super Mario World Converse.


Warrington Market's Sci-Fi Chrismas Market - 28th November 2015

This year due to the release of the new Star Wars movie, Warrington’s Christmas market this year will be adopting a Sci-Fi-Twist. Katie Anne Lake will be attending this event selling shoes and a selection of work by her and Stuart Lake.

Warrington Market's Sci-Fi Christmas Market - Aftermath

Very cold, very wet, but through the brilliantly British weather, we had a great time.


Mersey Comic Con - 21st November 2015

The relational transition continues – Katie Anne Lake and Stuart Lake will be attending the Mersey Comic Con selling their art work and Katie's shoes.

Mersey Comic Con - Aftermath

Met some great people at the Mersey Comic Con, loads of attractions, a very well planned event with a great collection of stall holders.

NanoCon - 7th November 2015

Due to the success of the Warrington Comic Con, Katie Lake and Stuart Lake are officially attending this year’s Nantwich Comic Con, shoes will be displayed, as, of course, will some of their work.

NanoCon - Aftermath

Was a great turn out at Nantwich’s very first Comic Con – Nanocon.


Warrington Wrath of Con - 3rd October 2015

Katie Lake and Stuart Lake are officially attending this year’s Warrington Wrath Of Con, samples of the aforementioned shoes will be displayed, as, of course, will some of their work.

Warrington Wrath of Con - Aftermath

Thank you to everybody that came to see the stall. It was a great day and we met some great people, looking forward to the next one.

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